How to Create Custom Fields


Custom Fields allow you to add a variety of data to manage your tasks even more accurately. You can also give your users several levels of access to the custom fields depending on their roles and privileges.


With Custom Fields, you can customize your task dashboard and manage your tasks easily. For example, you can instantly update the progress of a task, whether it is approved or not, add custom URLs to a task, etc.


Here's how the custom fields can look like on your ProProfs Project task dashboard:


Custom fields


In this article, you'll learn:


Here's how to create custom fields:


Step 1: On your ProProfs task dashboard, move to the extreme right and click on the + icon. Alternatively, you can also click on the down arrow icon (besides the + icon) >> Create New Fields. When you're adding a custom field for the first time, only the + icon is available. Once you've added a custom field, the down arrow icon also becomes available.


Note - We are working on making Custom Fields available throughout the Tasks tab. This option is currently available to use only under specific tasks associated with the Project.



Step 2: Select from the following field choices available. For example, select Link and continue.


Select custom fields


Step 3: Enter the name of the field (example, custom URL) and click Create.


Name the custom field


Your Link custom field (custom URL) has been created. Similarly, you can add other custom fields as well.


Custom fields


Step 4: To direct your users to a custom URL, you can add a valid link in the box indicated below.


Add info to custom fields


Here's how you can manage your custom fields:


Step 5: Move your mouse over a custom field and click it, as shown in the screenshot below.


Edit custom fields


Step 6: On this pop-up window, you can do the following actions to manage the custom fields:

  1. Hide/Unhide a custom field.
  2. Edit the name of a custom field.
  3. Delete a custom field.
  4. Drag a custom field to rearrange it on the dashboard.


Manage custom fields


Alternatively, to manage your custom fields, you can also click on the down arrow icon and then click Manage Fields, as shown below.


Manage custom fields


Here's how you can grant users various levels of access to manage the custom fields:


Step 1: Go to Users >> Select a user >> Custom Fields. From the Custom Fields dropdown, you can choose from the following levels of access:

  • Full Access: Allows a user to create, edit, and delete custom fields.
  • Limited Access: Allows a user to add data to a custom field. For example, adding a URL to the Link custom field.
  • No Access: A user has no access to the custom fields.


Grant users access to custom fields




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