How to Enable Invoices, Estimates, and Expenses Add-ons


ProProfs allows you to automate client invoicing and billing. This article explores the add-on features, such as invoices, estimates, and expenses, that you can enable to save tons of man-hours and ease down manual efforts by your sales and marketing teams.


Below is how the "Add-ons" icon will look like in your ProProfs Project account:


Addition Add-ons of Project


To access the Add-ons menu, click on your profile logo and select Add-ons from the dropdown.


Add your Add-ons


You can enable Invoices, Estimates, and Expenses in the Add-ons menu.


Enable/Disable Invoice, Estimates and Expenses




The following will be discussed further:




With ProProfs Project, you can generate invoices with ease. Invoices are the bills you generate for your clients. The invoice will be calculated based on how the pricing for a project or task is set.


Given below is the invoices page. It shows you a list of all your invoices.



List of Invoices


This is an example of a sample invoice which can be edited as needed and sent to the client:


Sample Invoice generated against Project


Here's how you can add an invoice:


Step 1: Click Invoice from the Add-ons dropdown, then click on +Add Invoice.



Add Invoice of your Project


Step 2: Fill in the Reference ID, Projects whose invoices must be generated, name of the client, payment terms.



Generating Invoice


Step 3: Click Advanced to expand additional settings. Fill in the details as per requirement. Once done, click on Save.


Advanced options of Invoice



Estimates, as its name suggests, give you an estimated cost of how much the invoice will reflect for a project. It is either done for a single project or all projects simultaneously (Blank Estimate). 


Here's how you can get an estimate for a project:


Step 1: Select Estimates from the Add-ons dropdown, then click +Add Estimate.



Add your Estimates


Step 2: Enter the details, and click on Save.



Generating Estimates of your Project




Sometimes, creating a project has external expenses that are not covered by fixed pricing and estimated hours. These expenses can be entered here. Once an expense is created, it is automatically added to the invoice generated for the project.


Here's how you can add an Expense to your Project:


Step 1: Select Expense from the Add-ons dropdown, then click +Add Expense.



Add Expenses


Step 2: Enter the details, and click on Save.


Add your additional expenses


That is all about enabling add-ons in ProProfs Project.



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