How to Add Clients


Sometimes, projects require you to include the clients on the project management tool. ProProfs Project gives you a simple, but powerful way of managing all of your clients in one place.


Here's how you can add clients to ProProfs Project


Step 1: Go to the Clients tab and click on + Add Client.



Add Client


Step 2: Enter the client's details in the pop-up window. If you wish to invite a client as a Guest, enable the Invite as a Guest option. Once done, click Save



Add client details



The Invite as a guest option gives the client Guest permission. This allows them to comment on projects, tasks, etc and upload files on the tool.


Invite client as guest


Benefits of inviting clients as guests to ProProfs Project:

  • Allows users to co-ordinate with the client for better execution of the tasks.
  • Gives the client a bird's eye view of their projects, enhancing trust between you and the client.
  • Provides a more satisfying customer experience.


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