How to Sync Project Dates With Outlook Calendar


With ProProfs Project, you can keep track of project deadlines in your Outlook calendar. The integration gives you a comprehensive view of tasks, your meetings & other agenda. All in one place! 


Here’s what the synced project tasks will appear in the Outlook Calendar.


Preview of Synced Project Tasks in Outlook Calendar


By syncing project tasks with Outlook Calendar, you can:


  • Track task due dates, add meetings, and schedule follow-ups from one place

  • Save time in shuffling across different calendars to keep up-to-date with the project’s progress

  • Improve overall productivity


How to Sync Project Tasks With Outlook Calendar


Step 1: Open a Project from the dashboard and switch to the Calendar view.


Switch to the Calendar View of a Project


Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the Calendar View and click the export icon.


Click the Export Icon at the bottom of the Calendar View

Step 3: Select the calendar you want to sync with- Google calendar/Outlook calendar


Step 4: For Outlook, click Download Feed. It will start downloading a calendar.ics file.


Click Download Feed to export the .ics file


Step 4.1: Open the file, which will automatically open the default calendar app. You will get the option to add your project to the calendar.


Click to open the .ics file by default in the Outlook calendar and select your project to add tasks to the calendar


Step 4.2: Click Add to Calendar to complete syncing project dates with Outlook calendar.


Here's what the synced tasks will look like in the Outlook calendar.


Preview of Synced Project Tasks in Outlook Calendar


That is all about syncing project tasks with Outlook Calendar. 



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