How to Sync Project Dates With Google Calendar


In ProProfs Project, you can sync project dates with Google calendar to give you a comprehensive view of tasks, along with your meetings & other agenda. All in one place!


Here’s what the synced project tasks will appear in the Google Calendar.


Synced Project Tasks


By syncing project tasks with Google Calendar, you can:


  • Track task due dates, add meetings, and schedule follow-ups from one place

  • Save time in shuffling across different calendars to keep up-to-date with the project’s progress

  • Improve overall productivity


How to Sync Project Tasks With Google Calendar


Step 1: Open a project from the dashboard and switch to the Calendar view.


Open Calendar View of a Project from the dashboard


Step 2: Scroll to the bottom of the Calendar View and click the export icon.


Click the Export Calendar Icon


Step 3: Select the calendar you want to sync with. Here, Google calendar.


Step 4: For Google Calendar, copy the link and paste it into Google calendar.


Copy the URL to integrate with Google Calendar


Step 4.1: Open Google Calendar and go to the Other Calendar option on the left panel. Click + button to open a menu and choose From URL.


Click + button and Select From URL option


Step 4.2: Paste the URL you copied in the above step in the space provided. Click Add Calendar to finish.


Paste the URL & Add Calendar


That is all about syncing project tasks with Google Calendar.



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