How to Use a Baseline


ProProfs Project lets you set a baseline to capture a task's start/end date. It will be a reference point in case of changes during the task duration. Managers & leaders can use it to track progress and compare updates.


Here’s what a baseline will look like in ProProfs Project.


Baseline Preview


Benefits of using a baseline:


  • Analyze the task’s progress as compared to the baseline

  • Measure the difference between two distinct time periods


How to Use a Baseline


Step 1: Open a project on your ProProfs Project Dashboard and select Gantt Chart.


Open Gantt Chart View of a Project


Step 2: Click Capture Baseline to capture the current position of tasks. A pop-up opens.


Capture Baseline


Step 3: Enter the name and click Save.


Enter Baseline Name


Step 4: You can load your previous baseline if your task’s start and end dates are changed for some reason.


Load Baseline


Here is how it will appear.


The translucent bars represent the baseline.


Baseline Loaded


That is all about the baseline feature in ProProfs Project.



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