How to Use Calendar View to Track Project Progress


The normal interface easy to view and navigate for a small number of projects. But with ProProfs Project, you can end up setting up lots of projects with innumerable tasks and sub-tasks, all containing different start and due dates. Navigating through them can become inconvenient and time-consuming.


This is where the Calendar View comes in. The Calendar view is a visual representation of the entire interface. With ProProfs Project's Calendar View, you can even set reminders for events and important dates that are completely unrelated to the projects.


Here's how the Project Calendar looks like:


Calendar View


In the image above, 'Magazine' is the project name and 'Writing', 'Printing', & 'Publication' are the tasks under it.


How to Switch to Calendar View


Click the Calendar menu in the toolbar at the top.


View tasks in Calendar view


You can also switch to a particular project's Calender view shown as follows:


Change view to Calendar


Features of the Calendar View


Given below are the unique features of the calendar view:


Drag & Drop Feature


The calendar features an extremely innovative and easy drag & drop feature. This feature can be used to extend deadlines for projects and tasks by simply dragging them across the calendar.


It can also be used to change the timeline of a project or a task.


Change date for tasks in calendar view


Calendar Filters


If you have a lot of projects, tasks, and events on your calendar, you can filter them out with the Calendar Filters.


There are four filter dropdowns. You can filter on the basis of  Users, Projects, Clients and Dates.  These four can be used together to provide a hassle-free experience to all users. Filters have been covered in more detail in other articles.


Calendar filters

Add Feature


You can add projects, tasks, sub-tasks, and reminders by simply left-clicking on a date. Once an option is clicked, a dialog box opens for creating the chosen one.


Add project/task/sub tasks/events in Calendar view

Tip: The Color code setting in the Advanced Settings section can be really helpful when using the calendar view.




An Event is a date that is detached from projects and tasks, for example, a birthday, a staff training day. These can be still be attached to projects though if you wish to only show them to certain members of a project. The event will only be visible in projects that it has been added to.


Here's an example of an event:


Add events for special occasions in calendar view



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