How to Add Users to ProProfs Project


Projects are incomplete without the people who will work on them. Staff members who work on ProProfs Project are known as users.


The following will be discussed further:


Adding a User


Here's how you can add a user:

Step 1: Click Users button on the menu toolbar.



User management


Step 2: Click on the + Add User button.



Add user


Step 3: In the pop-up window that opens, enter the email of the user and set their role.



Add user email address, roles & permissions


Step 4: In the Advanced section, you can set special permissions. These permissions have discussed below.


Roles and permission setting of user


Step 5: Once done, click on Save.


User Roles


There are various roles that you can assign to your users. Each role has a different set of default permissions. The roles have been discussed below. 


Administrator: Administrators can set up the company and access all projects regardless of what they've been assigned to. They can add, edit and delete users, reports, clients, etc.

Team Manager: A Team Manager cannot set up the company but can access all projects and set up teams. Team Managers can also be locked to a client.


Project Manager: A Project Manager can create and edit projects, but they can only see their assigned projects. Project Managers can fully manage tasks for their projects.


Task Manager: A Task Manager can create and edit tasks that they have been assigned to. Task Managers can fully manage sub-tasks for their tasks.


Collaborator: A Collaborator is responsible for working on tasks. They can set the progress and complete them, but they cannot make any changes to tasks.


Guest: A Guest can view whatever they are assigned to, but they cannot make any changes at all. Guests, like all roles, can place comments and upload files.


User Permissions


User Permissions are special settings found in the add user section. Default permissions are different for every role. These permissions, however, can be customized They can be accessed by pressing the Advanced button. These settings can be edited by administrators when needed.


The following advanced user permissions are available in ProProfs Project:


Time Tracking: Allows user to track time. It has three permissions. Full Access allows the user access to the entire time tracking system with which they can see, create, and edit time settings. They can also add, edit and delete time entries. Limited Access allows the user to track time on tasks only. No access users cannot see any time tracking function.


Clients: Users with full access can create, edit and delete clients from the system. Limited access users can view clients and no access means that the user won't be able to see clients.


Reports: Reports have four types of permissions available. Users with Full access can view, duplicate and delete reports. Limited access takes away a user's access to delete a report. Visibility only lets you see the reports but you can do nothing else. No access users cannot see reports.


Invoices: Invoices have three permissions. Users with full access can create edit and delete invoices. Users with visibility only can view invoices but not manipulate them. Users with no access cannot view invoices.


Locked to a client: This setting locks users to a particular client. This permission locks the created user to a single client and their projects & tasks.



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