Tagging Users Using @mention


Use @mention to draw users’ attention to a project, task, subtask, or an on-going conversation. Simply write @ in a comment followed by the name of the user. Such users receive notifications only when you @mention them, keeping regular updates to the assigned users. This is helpful when you want to share specific updates or important conversations with those who are otherwise not added to a project, task, or sub-task.


Benefits of using @mention:

  • Share updates without adding users to a project
  • Highlight important conversations only when you want
  • Ensure no one misses out on important updates
  • Restrict regular updates to the added users only


To tag a user with @mention in a comment of a project, task, or a subtask:


Step 1. In the comment box under the 'Activity' section, type @ followed by the initials of the user’s name to reveal the user list starting with that letter. Select the user you want to tag. @mentioned users will get access to this project automatically. 


Note: The user list consists of users that are added to your project account. If you wish to add an outsider, you must first add them to your project account.


Task comments in a project


Step 2. Click Add to add your comment.


Using @mention in task comments


Here’s an example of the email notification that is sent to the tagged users.


Email notification for @mention




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