How to Add Followers to a Project or Task


Apart from adding assignees to a project or a task, you can also add followers (watchers or viewers) for effective supervision. Unlike assignees who get instant email notifications about all small or big project updates, followers can choose to get notified instantly, daily, or receive a weekly digest.


This helps followers:


  • Track a project passively & assist only when needed

  • Remain informed of updates on a frequency of their choice

  • Easily filter tasks assigned vs. followed (supervised)


For example, if you have a client project with multiple tasks, you can add someone from the client’s side as a follower to keep them informed of the progress. The “Users” in the screenshot below are active participants, while the “Followers” are passive watchers.


Preview of Followers assigned to a project/task



How to Add a Follower to a Project


Step 1: Log in to your ProProfs Project account and navigate to a project that you want to add a follower to.


ProProfs Project Dashboard


Step 2: Go to the “Followers” column and click the user icon. Select a user from the drop-down list to assign as a follower of the project.


Select a user as a follower


The user you select will appear in the Project’s row under the Followers column.


Note: You can add multiple followers to a project at once.


How to Add a Follower to a Task


Step 1: Open a project.


Open a Project


Step 2: Click the icon under the “Followers” column and select the user to assign the role to a task.


Add a Follower to a task


Note: You can add single or multiple followers to supervise a task.


Once you add a follower to a task, they will receive a notification via email to monitor the task.


Below is what tasks under a project will look like after adding followers:


Follower Preview


That is all about adding followers.



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