How to Add a Task



Tasks are what make up a project. They are very similar to projects, meaning you can color-code them, assign them to users, set their status and progress, drag and drop them into task dependency priority, leave comments, upload files, and so on.


In this article, you'll learn:

How to Add a Task

There are two ways you can add a task to a project:

  1. Using the Add Task text box
  2. Clicking the +Add Task button


Add task


Below are the steps for adding a task using the Add Task text box:


Step 1:To add a new task, enter the following details (all are optional save the task title).


Enter task name and addition details

  1. Give your task a title
  2. Select start and end dates for your task 
  3. Select what % of Progress your task is in
  4. Assign the task to Users
  5. Add a Tag, if required


Now, click the 'Add Task' button to finish adding a task. 


Add Details like Due date, team, tag for a task 

The task added will appear like this on your project dashboard. 


Task addition


Step 2: Once you've added a task, you can still view and edit the details (View Task button appears on mouseover on the task).


In this pop-up view, you can add a task description, and make changes to your previously selected data such as due dates, users, and so on. Do not forget to click Save once you're done making changes.

View save and edit the task in ProProfs project


After adding the task, you can make use of another feature in ProProfs Project to save time and effort. This new feature is task synchronization. It allows you to add the same tasks to other projects. If you work on the task in one project, its progress will be reflected in other projects as well.



To do it,

  • Click on 'View' to open the task details.
  • On the side panel, click on the '+' icon under the 'Project' section.
  • Click on the dropdown arrow to select a new project to which you wish to add this task.


Adding task to other project(s)/section(s)


Alternatively, you can add a task by clicking the +Add Task button as shown in the screenshot below. Doing so opens a window on the right side of the screen, where you can enter all the required details, and click Save once done

View save and edit the task in ProProfs project

NOTE:  you can also add a task without opening a project by accessing the +Add Task option from the Tasks dropdown list in the top navigation bar.


Quick addition of task


How to Add a Subtask


You can split tasks into sub-tasks to better track project progress. Sub-tasks work the same way as tasks do. Subtasks can be assigned to different users.

For Example, imagine a task created for capturing and choosing photographs for a magazine. Its subtasks will include researching what kind of photographs are needed, capturing the photos, developing them, choosing them, and printing them.

Follow the steps given below to add a subtask:


Step 1: To add a sub-task, click the +Subtask button next to the task name.

Add a subtask in ProProfs Project













Step 2. Clicking the +Subtask button will open the Add Subtask text box, as shown in the screenshot below.


Adding a subtask

Step 3: The added subtask will appear as shown in the screenshot below. A subtask can be viewed and edited in the same way a task is edited.


Editing a subtask in ProProfs Project


That is all about adding a new task and a sub-task to a project.



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