How to Create Custom Templates for Project


ProProfs Project simplifies project management through its nuanced features to reduce planning, creating, and tracking efforts.


With custom templates, you can:


  1. Save time in adding a new project having similar prerequisites

  2. Standardize tasks for easy comprehension and delivery


Below is how an already created custom project template looks like:


Overview of a Custom Project Template



Here’s how you can create a custom template:


Step 1: On your projects dashboard,


  • Click the dropdown next to the ‘+New Project’ button. Select ‘Create Using a Template’ to open the templates section.


Create a New Custom Project Template


  • You can also access templates from the ‘Status’ dropdown menu.


Create a New Custom Project Template


Step 2: Click ‘+New Template’ in the upper right corner to create a custom template for projects. A popup view opens.


Click to Create a New Template



Step 3: Follow the instructions below:


Add details of your new custom project template


  1. Project Name: Give your custom template a name.

  2. Description: Explain the template in a few lines.

  3. Due Date: Since it’s a template, you can leave the due date to ‘Ongoing.

  4. Assigned To: Add users or teams to handle different tasks related to the project template. Learn more.

  5. Add Tags: Mention tags to filter projects easily. Learn More.


Step 4: Click ‘Advanced’ to customize different elements of your custom project template further.


Using the Advanced Settings


Learn more about Advanced settings here.


Step 5: Click ‘Save’ to save your changes, and your brand new custom template is ready.


Alternatively, you can create a template from the dashboard too.


  • Click on the ‘+New Project’ button. A popup window opens.

  • Follow Steps 3 & 4.

  • Enable ‘Save as Template.

  • Click 'Save' to save your changes.


Saving template through Add a Project button


Note: You can also convert an existing project into a template from your dashboard.


  • Click on the Three Vertical Dots or the Kebab Menu Icon of the project you want to convert into a template.


Accessing the Quick Edit Menu


  • Select ‘Convert to Template’ from the list.


Converting an existing project into a template


Now that you have created a new template, you can add tasks to it.

To learn how to add tasks, click here.



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