How to Configure the Advanced Project Settings


Advanced Project settings are special project-centric settings that perform certain essential functions. These settings work individually for each project and have to be set manually. Advanced settings help personalize your project tasks according to users.  


Configuring Advanced Settings


Step 1: Click the Edit button on your dashboard.



Edit Project


Step 2: Select the Advanced drop-down in the side window.



Advanced project setting


Here's the list of the Advanced settings available for the project:

1. Make a project private
2. Share a project with your client

3. Color code your project

4. Use the recurring setting

5. Update project status

6. Task dependency

7. Enable commenting

8. Set currency

9. Billable or non-billable

10. Estimated timeline


Make Private: Make your projects available to only those who are assignees, followers, and tagged members. However, the projects set as private are also visible to the super admin and the creator. 


make task private


Use Case: Setting your projects as private can be useful when you don't want other team members to be able to view a project unless assigned or added as followers.


Client: Enables you to share the project with the client. The selected client will be able to view the entire project, its reports, invoices, and time entries.


Color: Enables you to add a custom color code to the project, which can be used as an alternative way to mark projects according to preference.


Here is an example of a custom color-coded project:


Color coded project


Recurring: The recurring setting is for projects that are periodical in nature. For example, an audit that repeats twice every year. You can set 8 different timelines for a recurring project. The recurring project refreshes its completion status after the set time has passed.


Setting for recurring projects


Here's how a recurring project appears to the users:


Present recurring project at dashboard


Mark As: Marks the project status as active, inactive, or on hold. It is an alternative way to mark project status.


Automatic Task Dependencies: Enables the task dependency setting for a project. The task dependency setting is used to create tasks that are dependent on each other. This setting is covered in another article.


Allow Comments: Users and clients can comment on the project and its tasks if enabled.


Send Reminders: This function sends email reminders and notifications about upcoming due dates to all assignees of a task or project.


Currency: With this setting, you can set the currency for billable projects.


Price Based On: If a project is billable, this setting allows you to set what the charges will be based on. You can select 'non-billable' if these charges don't exist.


There are two options. The charges can be calculated hourly, or they can be fixed permanently. Based on the two, another dialog box will become visible. It will allow you to set the pricing.


Set fixed price of project


Estimated Hours: This setting allows you to set the estimated time for completing a project, which will be in hours.


That is all about the Advanced settings in ProProfs Projects.



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