How to Add Sections to a Project


In ProProfs Project, you can add sections to a project to organize and manage tasks tidily and ensure better cooperation among users.


Benefits of adding sections to a project:


  • Divide tasks based on the workflow and priority

  • Arrange tasks under one umbrella to track overall progress


Below is the preview of a project with tasks organized under different sections:


Sections Preview in a Project



In this article, you will learn:


1. How to Add a Section

2. How to Add Tasks to a Section

3. How to Manage a Section


 How to Add a Section


Step 1: Click on a project’s name on the dashboard to open it.


Open a project


Step 2: Click on “Add Sections” to add a new section.


Add Sections


Alternatively, you can click on the dropdown arrow next to “Add Task” and select “+ Add Section.”


Alternate way to Add a Section


Step 3: Add the title of the new section and hit Enter.


Add Title


 How to Add Tasks to a Section


You can add tasks in two ways.


  • Add the task name in the space provided under the section and hit Enter. 


Add Task


  • Drag and drop a task from the list to the section you wish to add.


Drag and Drop a Task to a section


NOTE: You can use the drag and drop method to move tasks between sections.


 How to Manage a Section


  • Click on the three vertical dots or the kebab menu icon next to the section’s name.

  • Select the preferred option. “Rename” or “Delete.”


Manage a Section


NOTE: You can also drag and drop sections based on their priorities and workflow management.


That is all about sections in the ProProfs Project.



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