How to Set Up Teams in Project


ProProfs Project is a powerful tool for managing projects and tasks. One of its key features is the ability to set up teams of users. This allows for easier assignment of projects and tasks to groups of users, saving time and increasing efficiency. In this guide, we will walk you through the process of setting up teams in ProProfs Project.


Here's how you can assign a project to a team:


Assign a project or a task to a team


Benefits of setting up teams:

  • Easier management: Teams allow you to group users together for easier assignment and management.
  • Time-saving: Once a team is created, it can be assigned to projects, tasks, and sub-tasks, eliminating the need to assign individual users every time.
  • Increased efficiency: Teams can help streamline the project management process and increase overall efficiency.
  • Improved collaboration: Teams provide a platform for users to collaborate and work together on projects and tasks.


Here's How You Can Create a Team in ProProfs Project:


Step 1: Go to Users (1) > Teams (2) in your ProProfs Project account.


Go to Users and click Teams in your account


Step 2: Click +Add Team. A slider window opens where you must mention the team's name, color code the team, and add users from the list. Once done, click Save.


Create a Team


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