How to Set Up Teams in Project


Teams allow you to group users together. Once a team is created it can then be assigned to projects, tasks, and sub-tasks. Setting up teams of users can save lots of time as you won't need to assign each user individually every time you set up a project.


Benefits of setting up teams:

  • Teams organize users better, improve communication and ensure that work quality is superior.
  • Specialized teams can be created based on the user's fields of specialization and work required.
  • Users don't see other users who are not part of a team which gives a level of privacy and focus when working on tasks.


Here's how you can create a team in ProProfs Project:


Step 1: Go to Users ----> Teams.


Create team


Step 2: Click on + Add Team.


Step 3: In the pop-up window that opens, enter team name, color code the team, and add users to the team. Once done, click Save.


Add team details


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