General Task Features & Settings


Just like Projects, tasks also have their own settings to allow customization for the users working on a project. Projects and Tasks share certain similar customizable features.


Features like Status, Importance, Due dates, Progress Bar, Users, Tags, Estimated Time, and Billable Time are common between the two. They can be manipulated directly from the interface directly.


Important details of tasks at task dashboard


General settings for the tasks are, however, different.


The following General Settings can be found in tasks


General setting of task


Activity: Opens the activity section for that particular task.


View Time Entries: Opens the time entries section for a task.


View Timesheets: Opens the timesheets for a task.


Add Time Entry: Opens the page where you can create a time entry.


Copy URL: Copies the URL of the task.


Delete Task: Deletes the task.


Move Task: This allows you to move tasks between projects. For example, a task has been assigned to the wrong team. Instead of having to create a new task, you can simply move it.


Duplicate Task: Creates a duplicate of the task.


Archive Task: Hides a task and moves them to the archives.


Export to CSV: Creates a detailed tabular sheet(Excel Sheet) of the task and downloads it to the computer.


Email To Task: This lets you share a task via email.





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