How to Create Custom Fields


Custom Fields allow you to add various data to manage your tasks even more accurately. You can also give your users several levels of access to the custom fields depending on their roles and privileges.


With Custom Fields, you can customize your task dashboard and manage your tasks easily. For example, you can instantly update a task's progress, whether approved or not, add custom URLs to a task, or add priority levels.


Here's what the custom fields can look like on your ProProfs Project task dashboard:


Custom Fields Preview


In this article, you'll learn:



How to Create a Custom Field


Step 1: On your ProProfs Project dashboard,


  • Open a Project.

  • Navigate to the right end of your screen and click + button.


You can see the default fields in their order of setting.


NOTE: You can enable/disable a default field. Additionally, you can drag & drop fields to change their order of appearance on the task dashboard.


How to Add a Custom Field


Step 2: Scroll down and click Add New Field. A pop-up screen opens.


Click Add New Field


Step 3: Select from the available field choices. For example, we pick Dropdown and continue.


Select a custom field type


Step 4: Enter the field name. Here we have created Priority. Since it is a dropdown field, you must add options. Once done, click Create.


Add field details


You have successfully added a custom field. Follow the above steps to create more if required.


Custom Field Added to the Task Dashboard


Step 5: You can mention task priority by selecting the given options.


Use Custom Field to Define Tasks


 How to Manage Custom Fields


Step 6: Move your mouse over a custom field and click it, as shown in the screenshot below.


Click on the Field Name to Manage it


Alternatively, you can click the + button and select Custom Fields.


Click Custom Fields to Manage Them


Step 7: On this pop-up window, you can do the following actions to manage the custom fields:

  1. Hide/Unhide a custom field.

  2. Edit the name of a custom field.

  3. Delete a custom field.

  4. Drag a custom field to rearrange it on the dashboard.


NOTE: You can hide/unhide and reorder the default fields. You cannot modify their names.


Manage Field Options


Pro Tip: Want to know which projects haven't been updated in a while? Now you can add a "Created by," "Date created," and "Last Updated" column to channelize your tasks more smoothly. 


select from available fields


How to Give Users Access to the Custom Fields


Step 1: Go to Users >> Select a user. A slider window opens.


Select a User


Step 2: Click Advanced and scroll down to the Custom Fields dropdown.


Use Advanced option to edit control access for users


From the Custom Fields dropdown, you can choose from the following access levels:

  • Full Access: Allows a user to create, edit, and delete custom fields.

  • Limited Access: Allows a user to add data to a custom field. For example, adding a URL to the Link custom field.

  • No Access: A user has no access to the custom fields.


Step 3: Click Save to finalize changes.


That is all about custom fields in ProProfs Project.



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