How to Add Time Entries for a Task


It is essential to track the amount of time spent on a project. This period is determined by the amount of time that is spent on each task/sub-tasks by users and teams. With ProProfs Project, tracking the time spent on each task/sub-task is made easier with the time entry feature. Time Entries are made by the users who enter the approximate time they have spent on a task or sub-task.


Benefits of Time Entries:

  • It is used to calculate the total time on a project, which is further used to generate the invoice
  • Used to generate user reports which can be used to gauge their performance
  • It can be used to find tasks that create bottlenecks by filtering out time entries according to tasks


The following will be discussed further in the article:


How to Add Time Entries


Here's how you can add time entries for a task:


Step 1: Click on the General Settings drop-down next to a task.



General setting of task


Step 2: Click on Add Time Entry option.


Add time entry


Step 3: In the side window that opens, select the project, task, and sub-task, if any.


Then enter the due date of the task/sub-task. Finally, enter the number of hours spent on the task that day. You can also provide a description if needed.


 Add time entry details


Step 4: Click on Save.


How to View Time Entries


To view time entries made by users, click on the Time icon in the menu toolbar.


Time sheet for time entered




Timesheets are special sheets that compile and show the total time spent on a task in the past week. They are a simple filter option on the time-entry page.


Time sheet


When you click on Timesheets, you will get an overview of the total time spent on every task under a project, daily, weekly, or monthly.


The best possible use case of the timesheet is that if someone forgets a timestamp before beginning a task, the admin can make manual entries in the sheet for that particular task.


In the example given below, we show the manual entry of the 'Create a Plan' task for Tuesday, 30th November. 


Making a manual entry in the timesheet for a missed timestamp


Once the entry is completed, click 'Save Timesheet' to update the hours.


That is all about adding time entries for a task.



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