How to Move Multiple Tasks to Another Project


The 'Move Task' feature helps you manage multiple tasks by letting you move them between projects at once. This feature is beneficial in case you mistakenly add a task to the wrong project. For example, pending tasks from Quarter 1 could be moved to Q2 without you needing to create them from scratch.


This saves project managers tons of time and makes their lives easier as they can manage cross-functional projects efficiently.


To move multiple tasks to another project:


Step 1. Access a task’s options menu.


Task options


Step 2. Click ‘More’ to expand the menu.


Move task option


Step 3. Click ‘Move Task.’


Move task


Step 4. On the ‘Move Task’ window, you can mention multiple tasks from this project that you want to move to another project. Then, select the project where you want to move these tasks and click ‘Move.’ That’s it!


Note: If you do not want to move a task, click ‘X’ to remove it from the ‘Move Task’ window.


Move multiple tasks to another project




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