How to Share a Task With Multiple Projects


You can share a task with multiple projects without manually creating it under each project. This is helpful when multiple projects are affected by the progress of a single task. When you make any changes to the task under one project, they are automatically reflected in all its associated projects. 


For example, you can see all the projects sharing a particular task under the ‘Project’ field on the task editing window in the screenshot below.


Project task


Benefits of sharing a task with multiple projects:

  • Avoid creating a task repeatedly for various projects
  • Enable automatic and instant task updates across projects
  • Carry out task communication from any project


To share a task with other projects:


Step 1. On the task editing window, click on the + button displayed next to the parent project. The + button allows you to add more projects to share a task.


Task sharing with multiple projects


Step 2. Select a project from the dropdown list or search for it. Let’s say we want to share this task with the ‘Development’ project. Once done, click Save.


Selecting a project for task sharing


Now, open the ‘Development’ project to find this task listed in there. You can share a task with as many projects as required.


Same task under multiple projects




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