Advanced Task Settings

Advanced Task settings are special task-centric settings. These settings work individually for each task and have to be set manually. Advanced Task settings are mostly similar to Advanced Project settings. The major difference between the two of them is the fact that Advanced Task Settings only affect the task and its subtasks.


Here's how you can access Advanced Task Settings:


Step 1: Click on the View button under the task name



View/edit task


Step 2: Click on the Advanced drop-down menu in the side window that appears.



Advanced setting of task


The following is a list of Advanced settings available for tasks:


Project: Enables you the change the project a task belongs to.


Color: You can use it to color-code tasks as desired.



Color coded tasks


Dependent Task: This allows you to create a task which can be worked on only when a task is completed before it.


For example, a project 'Magazine' which has two tasks 'printing' and 'publishing'. 'Publishing' can be completed only after 'Printing' hence we can make Publishing dependent on Printing.


Note: This setting is visible only if task dependency is enabled for a project.


Here's how a dependent task looks like:



Dependent tasks


Recurring: Determines whether a task is recurring or not.


Allow Comments: Enabling this option lets users comment on the tasks.


Send Notifications: Allows you to determine whether email notifications should be sent or not.


Send Reminders: Enabling this option sends due dates reminder to users once it is near.


Price Based On: Just like a project, you can set a price for tasks. 



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